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Rest in Peace, Igal. We in Portland and through the world will miss you.

April 10, 2013

Igal, I can’t believe you left the world today. Some of my interactions with you are the reasons that the seeds of being able to hack the CS program at PSU looked like a possibility. You are one of the reasons code started to look like fun and not just something to do for work.

I was just thinking yesterday of the moment under a tree on the PSU park blocks last fall where I saw you and jogged over, excited to tell you about my coding endeavors at school. You listened. Thank you.

I’ve been thinking for months here as I grind through the CS program, add knew skills and new things: I can’t wait til we can hang out more again when I have no classes this summer. Maybe we could hack together something with the various languages and skills I’ve been learning. I was so looking forward to that. I will never get that chance now. That I am going to very much miss. I held you in high regard. You made an impact in my life. Thank you so much for your gifts to me of friendship and kindness and just listening. You were a bright spirit.

I can’t believe you’re gone.

I will miss you.



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